Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

P14 Jugendtheater

Act out your own performance!

Most people involved in P14 are older than 18, and just a few are much older than 18. Because P14 is the youth theatre company of the Volksbühne.
Anybody who has completed their 14th year of life (yes, that means they just turned 14!) and is interested in theatre, in what happens on, behind and in front of the stage, can try out and play along in P14. P14 is also open to anybody who wants to work behind the scenes, as technician, sound or video specialist, or in stage adaptation or costume creation. Led by Vanessa Unzalu Troya, the various P14 groups are given a chance to present their idea of theatre before the public.

P14 provides an answer to the topics staged in the Großes Haus, developing its very own version of the Volksbühne productions. Partially independent at all stages from project proposal to implementation, P14 will almost always select a slightly “different” type of staging for the works being shown at the same time on the “big” Volksbühne.
In addition to project planning, rehearsals and text authoring, P14 members watch the pro’s at the Volksbühne and their performances, tiptoeing through the house and checking how the trades do their theatrical tricks and create worlds of wonder. P14 is involved in many Volksbühne projects: members are often seen on the stage working side by side with the pro’s –and if not on the stage itself, then backstage.

Contact: Vanessa Unzalu Troya, P14@volksbuehne-berlin.de, 030-240 65 621

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