Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Musikbühne: Ruin

Enfant terrible Martin Eder is supposed to be one of the most important painters of Germany. He is a master of trash and kitsch. In dark ironic visions, he shows girls in bombastic fun scenes, monstrous kitten or strange clowns.The background could be the end of the world. But Martin Eder is also the founder of the Berlin based band RUIN. The band considers itself as the continuation of the musical tradition of Dario Argento soundtracks and film music for John Carpenter. On stage, the band menbers are sometimes wearing morbid selfmade costumes. The performance is a desolate version of chamber music with reflexive impulses of ambient black metal and drone. After concerts at Berlin´s Berghain, Kammerspiele Munich and this years´s Donaufestival Krems, the trio RUIN lands from another black galaxy at Volksbühne Berlin with their surreal Laserarmageddon Concert.



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