Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Das Schottenstück. Konzert für Macbeth

The Scottish Play. A Concert for Macbeth - after William Shakespeare

"I had dinner with ghosts." There’s no need to be superstitious, although it may help. It’s the key to one of the most famous plays by Shakespeare, not merely because three witches make their appearance. According to a theatrical superstition that has been around for centuries, the name of the play must not be mentioned before the premiere. The play „without a name” of which the witches speak, originated in the drama’s turbulent history of performance and has led to the play being referred to as "The Scottish Play".

Music theatre director and musician David Marton, who produced a dense and sophisticated version of Alban Berg´s "Wozzeck" for the Volksbühne in 2007, has taken on the topic of superstition. What does speaking about the next world in this world cause in us? What do prophecies, curses and divination bring about? What is their impact against the backdrop of upheavals and war, and how do they affect family constellations particularly if these prophecies imply a gain in power? What comes of it if all this combines? It certainly won’t end well – but perhaps music would help? Music soothes all those who are sleepless, it comforts the murderer and the victim, ghosts and revenants.

The “concert for Macbeth" focuses on the couple Macbeth and the Lady, on childlessness, tainted love, nightmares, scheming and murder. A series of conflicts rapidly develop into disaster, force-controlled by a woman who possesses little else than her husband-general. Bad dreams, nights without sleep, and too much bloodshed are situational metaphors and associations on which Marton’s arrangements are based. Together with his ensemble, they dedicate this evening to an absent hero.


With: Thorbjörn Björnsson, Paul Brody, Marie Goyette, Gabriella Hamori, Jelena Kuljic, Sir Henry, Lilith Stangenberg and Nurit Stark

Artist: Klaus Dobbrick, Gabriel Anschütz

Director: David Marton
Stage Designer: Bert Neumann
Costumes: Nina von Mechow
Light Design: Frank Novak
Video: Jörg Sternberg
Dramaturgy: Thomas Martin, Barbara Engelhardt

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Inspiration by

Henry Purcell – The Queen´s Funeral March
Henry Purcell – Canzona
Arnold Schönberg – Suite für Klavier op. 25 Trio
Arnold Schönberg – Rote Messe
Ludwig van Beethoven – Come fill, fill my good fellow
Jón Leifs – Vögguvísa
Geoffrey Burgon – Nunc Dimittis
Johann Sebastian Bach - Passacaglia BWV 582 c-Moll
Béla Bartók – Miraculous Mandarin
Johann Sebastian Bach – Partita II C-Moll BWV 826, Sinfonia
Pietro Locatelli – Cappricio
John Cage – Experiences No 2
Henry Purcell – Funeral Sentences
Henry Purcell – Thou knowest Lord
Cream – Strange Brew
Nina Simone – Tomorrow is my turn
Eugène Ysaye – 2. Sonate
The Shaggs – Philosophy of the World
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi – Stabat Mater
The Doors – Shaman´s Blues