Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

der die mann

A stage adaptation of texts by Konrad Bayer

During his acting days at the Volksbühne as a member of Castorf’s ensemble, Herbert Fritsch had already created solo shows with works by Konrad Bayer. The late Austrian writer and poet was a representative of the Vienna Group, a loose Avant-garde constellation of experimental artists founded in Vienna in the 1950s. Fritsch adores Bayer, his sense of humour and the Baroque ornamentation of his language. And Bayer’s texts, it seems, need just the type of actors Fritsch loves to work with. In the still fresh year of 2015, Herbert Fritsch and his ensemble will thus stage Bayer’s texts in Fritsch’s self-designed setting together with four excellent musicians led by Ingo Günther.

A focus will be on Bayer’s prose texts, but bits and pieces of the author’s poetic and dramatic work are used if they suit Fritsch’s theatrical explorations. The greatest value is attached to the musical sound of Bayer’s language: text is music is rhythm, as Herbert Fritsch likes to say. It is in precisely this sense that the troupe is working their way through Konrad Bayer’s texts.

Duration: 1h 45min


With: Florian Anderer, Jan Bluthardt, Werner Eng, Annika Meier, Ruth Rosenfeld, Axel Wandtke, Hubert Wild, Ingo Günther (dasderdiemannorchester), Michael Rowalska (dasderdiemannorchester), Taiko Saito (dasderdiemannorchester) and Fabrizio Tentoni (dasderdiemannorchester)

Director: Herbert Fritsch
Stage Designer: Herbert Fritsch
Costumes: Victoria Behr
Light Design: Torsten König
Music: Ingo Günther
Dramaturgy: Sabrina Zwach

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Gewinner des 3sat-Preises des Berliner Theatertreffens (Herbert Fritsch).