Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Der kleine Muck ganz unten - Die Welt zu Gast beim Feudeln


It has finally happened. A long missing feeling of success is in everybody’s heart. Suddenly everybody can afford to be confident and enjoy life. A big train station, a warm welcome and the happy reunion with those long believed to have disappeared. “A Time to Mop Up the Place” undertook the compelling project of documenting such an extraordinary phenomenon. We use a simple concept, because it has already been successfully rehearsed: just like Ali –the Turkish guest worker Günter Wallraff pretended to be when doing investigative journalism- once did, cleverly disguised volunteers will go all the way down to take a look around. Little Mook as seasonal worker! Naima, a modern Asian girl, is a fan of the old Western world. She is particularly taken with the times of the Iron Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. She would like to get closer to her object of interest and extracts from her husband permission to visit the former surroundings of her deceased heartthrob. Under conditions imposed by and only in the company of carefully dressed up undercover officials, the dispassionately veiled Naima is allowed to make a first, short trip to the historical premises. This visit will also become an accurate cultural test. How high are the fences around delicious Potatoland when you are actually standing before them? How rigid are the real conditions of admission? Who can, should, how, where and what for integrate himself? Which goods can cross seas and walls faster than which men? Schorsch Kamerun, theatre director, singer from punk band “Die Goldenen Zitronen” and cofounder of the legendary “Golden Pudel Klub”, and his experienced team visit with their test revue the capital city of all Germans on such a special occasion. This is where the loudest speakers became such in order to make rather old beliefs out of their revamped Mitte profitable again. Visiting or coming home, that is here the answer!


With: Jacques Palminger (Paul Peter, positiver Patriot), Astrid Meyerfeldt (Naima Singh, preußeneuphorische Orientalistin), Joey Bozat (ihr Mann Saleem/ integrierter Bürger aus Heinersdorf), Josef Ostendorf (Gerichtsdiener Raschid als getürkter Deutscher Herbert), Carolin Mylord (ein kleiner Muck), Mira Partecke (Engelchen/ Gerichtsbeisitzerin), Jens Rachut (Siebzehner, Heinersdorfer Kartoffel- und Kiezkönig), Fatma Genç (Alien vom Kotti/ Yasemin/ Gerichtsbeisitzerin), Ayhan Sönmez (Zaza und Eckensteher) and Lotus Ensemble (Bruderstaatenvertragsarbeiterkapelle)

Director: Schorsch Kamerun
Text: Andreas Fanizadeh
Stage Designer: Constanze Kümmel
Costumes: Tabea Braun
Dramaturgy: Stefanie Carp
Video: Heta Multanen