Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Die Fruchtfliege

FRUIT FLIES - Christoph Marthaler’s research on love.

Christoph Marthaler has asked a group of researchers to work on the phenomenon of love, one that is absent from today’s life. The researchers know that their body cells remember the whole history of their genre, all past feelings, how they originated and how they once ended. How did love originate and how did it disappear again? Above all: where has the genetic information of such feelings gone to? Such are the questions posed by these lonely researchers devoid of memories. What the drosophila or fruit flies are for genetics is what the opera is for the love researchers. Called by Alexander Kluge “a powerhouse of feelings”, this opera deals exclusively with the dramatization of love feelings. Is it possible to rebuild the passion contained in the music of a genre of the past to draw conclusions about yet unknown genetic information that may enable to understand the present?


With: Hildegard Alex, Olivia Grigolli, Ueli Jäggi, Matthias Matschke, Josef Ostendorf, Bettina Stucky, Winfried Wagner and Stefan Wirth (Klavier)

Director: Christoph Marthaler
Stage and Costumes Supplier: Anna Viebrock
Light Design: Henning Streck
Dramaturgy: Stefanie Carp

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