Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Diktatorengattinnen I

By René Pollesch

Be ravished by your own dramatic relations!

Bert Neumann has built an Oval Office into the Volksbühne, where the Queen, Imelda Marcos, Elena Ceausescu and other dictatoresses of the hearts are making their phone calls. But there is not just this oval impression machine, but also a shooting range where guns are fired “coldly from the hip”. What we prefer. The dictator’s wives and their doubles (chosen to confuse their stalkers) and their life in self-resistance. The aesthetic of resistance must be one of self-resistance. Everything else is Scientology.

“We are all equals and at the same time none of us are alike.” This is a dramatic relation. In theatre however those who are dissimilar are trained to see themselves in those who are similar, and to re-enact an impression machine of life, love and desperation “to the advantage of the reproduction of life as a value”. In this way everything remains equally free of tension, no matter how feral it conducts itself. “The force of consensus and of the imposed shared identity, which, like a social plastic surgery, seeks to tear out the roots of all evil and of all radicality; which deletes every form of negativity and singularity, including the last remaining form of singularity, which is our death; the force of a society that prohibits from us the negative and the conflict and death…” (Baudrillard)


With: Christine Groß, Mira Partecke, Sophie Rois and Volker Spengler

Director: René Pollesch
Stage and Costumes Supplier: Bert Neumann
Video: Ute Schall
Dramaturgy: Aenne Quiñones

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