Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Du hast mir die Pfanne versaut, du Spiegelei des Terrors!

You ruined my pan, you horrible fried egg! A parlour game by René Pollesch and guests

The kick-off is on January 7th: René Pollesch gives us a seemly start into a virgin 2009, with no less than the following questions:
How come that he stopped loving me from one day to the next? I don’t understand. Indeed, there does not seem to be any logic to it, so we must be dealing with something like what motivated the Communist leadership to move over to capitalism. Big revolutions may help us understand how thought functioned at a micro level.
Why did you stop looking at me with love in your eyes? And why can’t I change your mind? Perhaps this will help me get it! Economic events are anonymous, and cannot be expressed in words. And if fate, which is what economics is in capitalism, does not speak to us, and we therefore have no answer for it, and there is no discussion, and we can’t send an SMS and ask why we were dumped, because love, too, remains silent, then how can we find words at all?
In a society not mediated by language we only experience a fate that does not speak to us. Capitalism is essentially silent. All that is ever said is only tested as to whether or not it is successful. And you can’t change its mind. And it won’t let you talk to it.
The economy, which becomes our fate within capitalism because it is the context that dictates the conditions, will not let us change its mind. Because this is a society mediated by money and not by language.

You ruined my pan, you horrible fried egg!
A parlour game by René Pollesch and guests,
with Brigitte Cuvelier, Christine Groß, Trystan Pütter et al.

Premiere on 7 January 2009 at 9 p.m. in the Sternfoyer.


With: Brigitte Cuvelier, Christine Groß, Tina Pfurr, Trystan Pütter, Sarah Sandeh and anderen

Director: René Pollesch
Rehearsals: Christine Groß
Stage and Costumes Supplier: Bert Neumann
Dramaturgy: Aenne Quiñones