Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Frankensteins Rotkäppchen

By Paul F. Walther

With its unique mixture of puppet show and avant-garde hip-hop, in the last few years Puppetmastaz has performed over 400 concerts before more than 500,000 people. Now the show comes to an end, as the band has announced that it is splitting (their current album is called “The Breakup”). But puppets do not like to lie idle, so they go back to their old love, the theatre, i.e. the Volksbühne. For the first time Puppetmastaz will be sharing the stage with actors. With their debut work “Frankenstein’s Little Red Riding Hood”, they will try to fill the gap between adult and children’s theatre, horror flick and musical. In a psychedelic melange of the Grimm brothers’ fairy tale and the Frankenstein legend, two mythical stories are superimposed. Other than in the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood has a very egotistical grandmother who violently urges her to run errands for her guesthouse in the woods. The way through the woods remains dangerous and soon the little girl gets lost in her own story. Only the mean wolf is really the mean wolf… Just like Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother, master Maloke Frankenstein also dreams of having offspring suiting his taste and is working on the new being. His assistant Igor’s small brain seems to be big enough for the task. The result is his own reflection… But that is only the beginning. Stories –as already said- intertwine, we meet each other somewhere else and Igor does not need a bigger brain to be able to provide loyal services to his boss.
For adults and children who are at least 8 years old.


With: Puppetmastaz, Paul PM, Tina Haseney, Pilo, Luis Nassowitz and Zhi MC

Director: Paul PM, Puppetmastaz
Music: Puppetmastaz
Stage Designer: Julien Diehn
Costumes: Candice Arnouil
Art Direction: Veronica Rignall
Dramaturgy: Ralf Fiedler

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