Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Frau Luna

Operetta in two acts, libretto by Heinz Bolten-Baeckers, music by Paul Lincke

Put the blame on Berlin’s legendary air - how else could one explain Herbert Fritsch’s latest bustling activities? A musical comedy on the stage of the Volksbühne? Absolutely! Fritsch and his dedicated team of artists are staging the hilarious revue about a dizzying trip to the moon (among other places). Lovers will disappear and get lost to just turn up again and find themselves happily ever after. And there’s much contortion and twisting taking place, as quite a few people will trip over their own grand ideas.

The piece’s first performance was in 1899 at the Apollo theatre in Berlin, where Paul Lincke was then musical director. The initial version was jazzed up and re-worked later on, songs were added, and the world-famous family of artists - "The Grigolatis"- took over the air ballet part. The Apollo theatre is long gone, yet FRAU LUNA has survived and is back with a vengeance. Herbert Fritsch will, for the third time, be staging a piece at the Volksbühne as director and stage designer, having his own family of artists performing at their very best. Ingo Günther – the famed musician and composer who has also worked with Fritsch for (S)panische Fliege and Murmel Murmel – and the LUNA orchestra are going to introduce a new and unique soundscape in the history of moon travels.


With: Ruth Rosenfeld (Frau Luna, Herrin des Mondes), Hubert Wild (Prinz Sternschnuppe), Jakob Kraze (Theophil, Haushofmeister auf dem Mond), Axel Wandtke (Mondgroom), Inka Löwendorf (Stella, Lunas Zofe), Florian Anderer (Fritz Steppke, Expressballon-Mechaniker), Stefan Staudinger (Lämmermeister, Schneider), Werner Eng (Pannecke, Pusebachs Geliebter), Annika Meier (Marie Pusebach, Mieze, Verlobte von Fritz), Nora Buzalka (Frau Pusebach, Miezes Tante), Annika Meier (Mondelfe / Mondschutzfrau), Jonas Hien (Mondzwölfe / Mars / Mondschutzmann), Axel Wandtke (Monddreizehne / Mondschutzmann), Maria Walser (Mondvierzehne / Venus / Mondschutzfrau), Ingo Günther (LUNA-Orchester), Doris Kleemeyer (LUNA-Orchester), Fabrizio Tentoni (LUNA-Orchester) and Chor der Werktätigen (Sternbilder)

Director: Herbert Fritsch
Stage Designer: Herbert Fritsch
Costumes: Victoria Behr
Music: Ingo Günther
Light Design: Torsten König
Dramaturgy: Sabrina Zwach

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