Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Hallelujah (Ein Reservat)

by Christoph Marthaler and Ensemble

Christoph Marthaler’s latest project for the Volksbühne will be a country & western show devoted to the stories and songs of a once popular outsider cult. Not only in North America, also in East Berlin Hobos and Indians, saloons and reservations seemed appealing to many people.

In Spaghetti westerns, mavericks and outlaws stood for freedom, and in East Germany Amerindians and their culture stood for everything that was good. Like all truly independent souls, Indians and mavericks have got to live in reservations. Yet independence that’s penned up still produces great music and even good times cannot be ruled out, at least not in Marthaler and Viebrock’s Hallelujah reservation inhabited by curious figures bringing to mind Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash, and strangely hybrid appearances such as American country singer Dean Reed who immigrated to East Germany in the 1970s.

Duration: 2h 15min


With: Hildegard Alex (Ehemalige Mitarbeiterin des Kassenwesens), Tora Augestad (Ehemalige Country-Sängerin), Marc Bodnar (Ehemaliger Franzose), Raphael Clamer (Ehemaliger Tiergeist), Patrick Güldenberg (Ehemaliger Verirrter), Olivia Grigolli (Ehemalige Abenteurerin mit Zelt), Ueli Jäggi (Ehemaliger Fahrgeschäftsspezialist), Hardy Kayser (Ehemaliger Country-Gitarrist), Katja Kolm (Ehemalige Managerin der Schwarzen Mamba), Clemens Sienknecht (Ehemaliger Dean Reed-Darsteller) and Lilith Stangenberg (Ehemalige Dauerkartenbesitzerin)

Director: Christoph Marthaler
Stage Designer: Anna Viebrock
Costumes: Anna Viebrock
Light Design: Henning Streck
Music: Clemens Sienknecht
Assistant Director: Gerhard Alt
Sound: Klaus Dobbrick
Dramaturgy: Stefanie Carp, Malte Ubenauf