Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz


by Anne Tismer

Performance artist Anne Tismer plays the part of the radical-militant, vain egotist Hitlerine who is gifted with an almost post-modern awareness. Somewhere in Africa she is stuck in a kind of parallel history where Hitler doesn’t happen but other ugly things do. Like, for instance, the genocides on the Black Continent at last century’s outset. Her supporters are the kakka-producing ant Angelika, the sexy black African Marcel, and Felix, the bonobo (partly played by puppets). The troop’s aim is to try to stop the course of history and remain forever in the year 1913, when Germany still had her overseas colonies. They proclaim the project “enforestation of the desert” and set out to build Farmville. Together they plan to tap for profit an almost inexhaustible fertiliser resource produced from giant kakka-threads. But how is all this to be managed on such a career-hampering and developmentally adverse, difficult terrain?
“landed in desert in Africa with me Marcel + Angelika – car broken hub caps gone – stolen by Willie – make breakfast that Marcel won’t eat cause he not like cheese – everything gone – me spread terror others bugged – come rain splats and the flood is here to stay – bonobo washed ashore – misbehaved he is – like Angelika who shits all over the place – no big surprise as she is an ant.” (Anne Tismer)


With: Okka Hunger-Bühler, Sebastian König, Felix Loycke and Anne Tismer

Director: Alexis Bug
Stage Designer: Philipp Baumhauer, Burkart Ellinghaus
Costumes: Ensemble
Stage and Costumes Supplier: Burkart Ellinghaus, Okka Hunger-Bühler, Anne Tismer, Felix Loycke
Music: Tobias Gronau
Light Design: Frank Novak
Dramaturgy: Ralf Fiedler