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Hören: The Group

feat. Casper Clausen, Greg Haines, Francesco Donadello, Martyn Heyne, Andrea Belfi, Anne Müller + Special Guest

The Group is an ensemble of improvising musicians currently consisting of Casper Clausen (DK), Greg Haines (UK), Martyn Heyne (D) and Francesco Donadello (IT). Despite this already formidable line-up, the ethos of the project is to remain an open unit, and because of this you will often find The Group playing with a whole host of other characters including Peter Broderick (a founding member), Andrea Belfi and Anne Müller. This concept is mirrored in the band-name, which is intended as a description rather than a title. The Group is an evolving, amorphous constellation of musicians, that can and will change depending on the variables of who, where, and when.

As comfortable coaxing complex poly-rhythmical structures (from a seemingly endless array of instruments) as they are allowing moments of quiet, autonomous beauty to take center stage, there is certainly no need for a setlist. Every show is based faithfully on improvisation, with every movement built from the ground up, allowing the audience an intimate look into the song-writing process and the parts of playing together as a group that are usually are hidden behind closed doors. Every song you hear will never be heard again, and every action and reaction is constructed and deconstructed in the moment, with the threads of intention cohesively tying everything together to create a truly immersive live experience.


The Group Live @ Schauspiel Leipzig 2013 from Birgit Voigt on Vimeo.

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