Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Keiner findet sich schön

by René Pollesch

„They’re now all doing ‚Jesus Christ Superstar’ – because of God.”

If I stayed in the garden I might see two old friends pausing at the fence. We have a chat for a few hours, and afterwards you’re left feeling as wasted as in the past when love wasn’t there. Had we smoked or used drugs while chatting away, one could have at least enjoyed oneself. Or else, if I don’t stay in the garden I might go out with that trainee who I last met when someone with a prestige career thought he could compensate for his shitty face by laying someone like her. They just don’t get it that it’s not possible. Although they know the feeling: “How can I be loved – useless piece of crap that I am?” What does it even mean that our lives could have taken either this course or that? There surely is some truth in the idea that we can be thrown hither or thither by the most trivial decision. Though we are well aware that sixty years on, when we’ll have finally thrown our high heels away, we’ll know for sure that there had been only that one plotline which would have made us truly happy. Just that one. Because in so short a time an eternity could’ve only be created by chance, by “almost nothing”. And then that’s what it becomes - eternity. Coincidence and eternity just seem to be connected in this way, you know. Or else, I don’t meet nobody and wonder instead why people are so against narratives of loss? Why aren’t we able to acknowledge them, after all they allow you to be in the world. One ought to learn to love one’s destiny, you know. Then again, you start wondering if it wouldn’t be a good idea to change the conditions around you - they can’t be here for nothing, can they? But I went to the fitness centre instead, thinking: They’re all here for workouts because they can’t bear to come to a standstill alone. There’s nothing left when love has left, you know. You just have to go on living without happiness. Your life simply goes on like it is. It’s your “Rest-Zeit-Story” rather than the West Side Story. The story of your residual time.

Duration: 1h 20min


With: Fabian Hinrichs

Dancer: Nina Baukus, Rebekka Esther Böhme, Uri Burger, Nikos Fragkou, Jessica Kammerer, Denise Noack, Tobias Roloff

Director: René Pollesch
Stage Designer: Bert Neumann
Costumes: Tabea Braun
Light Design: Frank Novak
Sound: Tobias Gringel, William Minke
Prompter: Katharina Popov
Dramaturgy: Anna Heesen

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