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Kuba Beach - Auch Reiche müssen weinen

A political soap opera

Miami Airport, 2013: A private jet arriving from Cuba has just exploded with Florida’s famous developer and constructor Leland Loyd on board in company with the young Angela Fernandez. Was it a terrorist act, murder, or just an accident? The unpredictable situation, the power of the detonation wave and the mangled bodies evoke gloomy 9/11 reminiscences. FBI special agent Chet Desmond arrives on the scene and investigates possible suspects, but to no avail. With the country’s frontiers open now, Javier Rodriguez, a Cuban drug enforcement officer and high-ranking member of the government in Havana has a pile of things to do chasing after the drug dealers between Cuba and Miami. The open borders have not only brought freedom, but also organized smuggling, money laundering and drug trafficking. And Rodriguez is smelling trouble and mystery. A powerful, stinking rich, elderly US-American and a young unidentified girl falling from the skies just like that? Everyone knows that Loyd has invested heavily in Cuba. But Rodriguez has no clue yet that he is about to get personally involved in this criminal case. His own wife Maria is connected to the dead woman Angela as both (have) consorted with the gangsters and the low life that he is so dedicated to combat. He is unaware of Maria’s double life, and, loyal and privileged party functionary that he is, he puts all his efforts into his job despite having lost the firm ideological faith of old. His heart beats for his country, yet the US imposes her own dream of cleansing Cuba’s past, wanting the country to rise with fresh lifeblood and energy to become a commendable member of the New World of the Americas. Materialism is clearly on the increase and all the trails in the Miami crime trace back to Havana, where FBI agent Desmond, Sheriff Stanley, US attorney Briggs and Teniente Rodriguez eventually meet. Also white-collar criminals bustle around shamelessly to wind up affairs, stopping at nothing, not even murder.

The distinct spheres of two different systems collide and interpenetrate; languages, signs and gestures vary and are never properly understood by the other. The tension-filled contact allows for all kinds of suspicions and mysterious intuitions to surface, not just accidentally recalling a David Lynch film. Desmond represents America’s hope for the future, Maria’s werewolf-ridden dreams tell tales from the heart of Cuba. In the end, this crime’n’blues piece might well be read as the rebirth of a better Cuba after the fall of (US-)America.


With: Marinella Damiani, Nadine Dubois, Andreas Frakowiak, Max Gertsch, Emiliano Gimenez, Henry Krohmer, Christoph Letkowski, Marie Löcker, Arturo Martinez Cabrera, Christopher Nell, Jorres Risse and Mex Schlüpfer

Director: Carolin Mylord
Video: Andreas Deinert
Stage Designer: Edwin Bustamante
Costumes: Adriana Braga
Light Design: Johannes Zotz
Dramaturgy: Sabine Zielke

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