Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Kyffhäuser/Unternehmen Barbarossa/Träume vom Tod!

"Kyffhäuser/Operation Barbarossa/Dream a little death!" Two evenings by Michael Farin/zeitblom

What is it men dream of? Do they dream of war and victorious battles? Immeasurable wealth and glory, great power and huge palaces? Or do they have dreams of love? Do they dream about women? And what are the women in men’s dreams dreaming of? Do they all have the same dream - of death? Yearning for this one glorious moment of triumph, when everything collapses and melts into one: love and pain, nature and spirit, consciousness and being? - Cataclysm.

Yet what if our dreams were not even our own? What if we ourselves are dreamt of by somebody else, if we are the product of another person’s dream? Meant to await what’s still to come? Because something’s got to happen here!

And then, all of a sudden it is happening: Out of the crystal blue sea, out of thin crisp air enshrouding us like blue silky scarves, a ship emerges. A steamboat racing towards us, exposed to the bright light of the midday sun. Right here in front of us. A vessel painted in vivid colours like no other ship. Lemony-coated like a lemon. With the dark metal fittings of the cabin windows sticking out like warts on the acidic yellow monster’s skin, this dazzling yellow toad is heading our way like a huge, poisonous amphibian. And yet we get a strange feeling of relief the very moment it comes into sight.

Concept/Director: Michael Farin. Featuring Blixa Bargeld, Jens Harzer, Ulrich Matthes and Bernhard Schütz, together with Nadeshda Brennicke and Meret Becker. Music: Automat: arbeit - färber - wilsdorf - zeitblom