Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

L´Affaire Martin! Occupe-toi de Sophie! Par la fenêtre, Caroline! Le mariage de Spengler. Christine est en avance.

by René Pollesch

“L’Affaire Martin! Etc.” celebrates the separation between body and soul (e.g. Guantanamo) as a comedy of mistaken identity. “We do not have to speak for but with somebody else! That is it.” (Donna Haraway) This means we can no longer refer to a language in which we tell ourselves stories that have become mainstream but are not our own: The separation between animals and humans, the combination of body and soul! Conversation as a very promising way of life after all! Communication among radically different types of subjects! What would this be? Apart from torture? It must be possible to speak with labor rats! There we could find the similitude that is used in animal/human tests? And if we refer to life instead of to legibility, we are also faced with a comedy of mistaken identity in which complexity is implied.” (René Pollesch)