Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Porn of Pure Reason

Imagine a scene with two people, fucking. Nothing else. I know you can do it. Such a repetitive, engine-like sequence is currently displayed on innumerous screens, across the world. The scene has countless close relatives that appear almost exactly like it. They are also splayed on other, innumerous screens, across the world. This is an archetype of humanity. It's power is like magnetism: You watch the moving shapes, and when they match with a pattern you hold, deep within you, something gets... triggered. A connection is made, you get drawn in. The hook within you is primal and pure. The effect is simple. Its consequences are not. Imagine the following scene: a person in front of a screen, in the midst of a private struggle. They cannot look away from image, yet it abhors them... all the while causing intense arousal within them. Such a moment -- how could we disregard its superb complexity, the nuanced scene of humanity it paints before us? We can't, naturally. Pornography is part of our reality, a pervading presence within our culture. Overlooking it commits an act of dishonesty: We should face its presence, as it is, and contemplate the human reality it depicts.

This is what we will offer to you. Step in, and you shall enter a visual labyrinth, charged with the emotional rawness of pornography. We will guide you through this labyrinth, revealing its pornographic walls as mirrors. Your arousals and repulsions form the very heart of the performance: The spectacle will take place within you. The stage will be built upon your experience.

Come, and see yourself within the red mirror.

Admission from 18 years of age up.


With: Brigitte Cuvelier (Spieler/Guiding), Andriana Seecker (Spieler/Guiding), Janin Stenzel (Spieler/Guiding) and Tanya Erartsin (Voice)

Director: Markus Öhrn, Pekko Koskinen
Art Direction: Pekko Koskinen
Stage and Costumes Supplier: Nina Peller
Costumes: Ulrike Köhler
Music: Andreas Catjar
Light Design: Johannes Zotz
Dramaturgy: Henning Nass

Produktionsleitung: Pamela Schlewinski
Übersetzungen: Lilian-Astrid Geese
Licht: Hans Hermann Schulze
Ton: Wolfgang Urzendowsky
Tonmischung: Robert Hefter
Video: Konstantin Hapke
Requisite: Moritz Marquardt

Eine Veranstaltung in der Reihe WERKE I-VI. Gefördert aus Mitteln des