Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz


by Henrik Ibsen

Leander Haußmann is back. After eight years of abstinence from the theatre he comes back with a production of Henrik Ibsen’s Rosmersholm. It is a crime story packed with suspense leaving three people dead at the end. A marriage drama, zestily exposing the damaged remains of a strange ménage à trois, layer by layer. It is also a political satire exhibiting fanatics, visionaries, dreamers and realists in their passionate feuds with each other. Intrigue and conspiracy rule. The struggle for the truth dominates the scene. There may be only one character who knows that all the agitation of the protagonists is utterly pointless, since everything has always already been predetermined and bound to happen. In a word, it is also a tragedy. Ibsen himself put it thus: “She schemes an intrigue against him, then she falls in love with him. She wants to become his wife and ruthlessly pursues her goal. He finds out, and she admits it outright. For him, the happiness of love is lost. Grief and bitterness stir up his demonic side. He wants to die, wants her to die with him. She does.”
For the first time, acclaimed film set designer Uli Hanisch (The Perfume, Das Wunder von Bern/ The Bern Miracle, Anonyma, Drei/Three) has designed a stage for the theatre.


With: Peter Lohmeyer (Johannes Rosmers, Eigentümer von Rosmersholm, ehemals Oberpfarrer), Annika Kuhl (Rebekka West, im Hause Rosmers), Ralf Dittrich (Rektor Kroll, Rosmers Schwager), Uwe Dag Berlin (Ulrik Brendel), Axel Wandtke (Peder Mortensgard) and Margit Carstensen (Madam Helseth, Haushälterin auf Rosmersholm)

Director: Leander Haußmann
Stage Designer: Uli Hanisch
Costumes: Doris Haußmann
Light Design: Torsten König
Dramaturgy: Carola Cohen Friedlaender

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