Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Service / No service

by René Pollesch

To be in any way connected with the world around you obviously doesn’t hit the nerve of time. It doesn’t. Of course, it is provocatively exaggerated to say that it’s not in keeping with the times anymore. And that we can’t connect our individual fate to the fate of the whole world any longer. No. There is no hope. I’m positively optimistic about that. In the past, thinking about death I used to think “Pity, I sure gonna miss out on a lot of interesting things that will happen after I’m gone.” But then you enter a bookstore and the sales assistants don’t seem to know what they’re selling, not even what’s inside. And the bloke in the cinema who is selling the ticket to you is not even sure which film is shown. And finally a great sense of tranquillity is beginning to take hold. Like when you come up with some hilarious joke but you’ve been lying on the sofa and the ball pen is thirty feet out of reach. It’s not at all difficult then to convince yourself that the joke is not really that funny. Or that things are not as nice. Or that anything is important enough to not forget it just as fast.

Duration: 1h 30min


With: Kathrin Angerer, Franz Beil, Maximilian Brauer and Daniel Zillmann

Choir: Walid Al-Atiyat, Jens Bluemlein, Jonathan Hamann, Max Heesen, Sten Jackolis, Fynn Jedrysek, Jan Koslowski, Luis August Krawen, Max Martens, Paul Rohlfs, Lucien Strauch, David Thibaut, Christopher Wasmuth, Friedrich Weißbach, Daniel Wittkopp

Director: René Pollesch
Stage Designer: Bert Neumann
Costumes: Bert Neumann
Light Design: Lothar Baumgarte
Sound: Tobias Gringel, William Minke, Christopher von Nathusius
Video: Mathias Klütz
Choirmaster: Christine Groß
Prompter: Katharina Popov
Dramaturgy: Anna Heesen

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Inspiration by

The Supremes - Children's Christmas
The Supremes - Santa Clause Is Coming To Town
The Supremes - My Favorite Things
The Supremes - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Me
The Supremes - Silent Night
John Williams - Earthquake Soundtrack
Birdy - Wings
Michael Giacchino - Nomanisone Island Loop
John Williams - The Mission Theme
Stuart A. Staples - I've Come A Long Way
The Street - Dry Your Eyes
Tiesto,Badelt - Jack's Theme Tiesto Mix