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Tessa Blomstedt gibt nicht auf

A top-performer site by Christoph Marthaler and his Ensemble

Tessa Blomstedt is a woman with many dates of birth. One might even say that she embodies at least three generations at once (possibly more). Tessa should be an expert in love matters and match-making, though up to now she has never been too successful in that area. What used to be ink-written, wax-sealed letters in the past and long yearned-for encounters in the municipal park turns into type-written post, landline telephone calls and disco acquaintances right before her eyes, and in next second it’s club dating and e-mail communication throughout. Still, it would be wrong to say Tessa is particularly skilled and confident in dealing with dating sites and personal profiles. Countless GTCs, which she reads with great care, are leaving her confused. Yet finally she agrees to all the terms and conditions. Because she’s longing to find and be found. To have her profile clicked and be in high demand and fervently desired. Tirelessly active online using innumerable nicknames, she’s exploring the rampantly expanding grounds of electronic dating. And she can barely wait for the next promise of love out there, in the data orbit.

Duration: 2h 10min


With: Tora Augestad (Kekke), Altea Garrido (Frauke), Olivia Grigolli (Heike), Lilith Stangenberg (Silke), N. N. (Tessa Blomstedt), Irm Hermann (N.N.), Clemens Sienknecht (Helfried), Ulrich Voß (Ein Retrovirus), Martin Zeller (Young Vallotti), Clara Andrees (Ein junges Paar), Luise Andrees (Ein junges Paar) and die Stimme von Josef Ostendorf (Cantus Firmus)

Director: Christoph Marthaler
Stage Designer: Anna Viebrock
Costumes: Anna Viebrock
Light Design: Henning Streck
Musical Director: Clemens Sienknecht
Assistant Director: Gerhard Alt
Videoprojections: Konstantin Hapke, Adrien Lamande, Christoph Marthaler
Sound: Klaus Dobbrick
Dramaturgy: Malte Ubenauf

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